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Portuguese custard tarts easy recipe – Pastel de nata baking with cinnamon

The quintessential café treat of Portugal is the Portuguese custard tart known in the native Portuguese as a “Pastel de nata”. “Pastéis de nata” were developed in the 1600s by Catholic monks in Lisbon. Back then, monasteries and convents required large quantities of egg-whites for starching white clothes, such as friars and nuns’ habits. It was common for them to use the leftover yolks…

Eat well in 2023 – make it easy with healthy tips

Most of us want to eat healthier but often processed foods are seen as more fun or convenient – how can we help change this? Keep reading for a few pointers. Comment below if you have any other tips on how you keep your diet healthy & interesting!

Max your energy in 2023

Maximise your sleep, diet and exercise before you look into expensive supplements. sleep: wake at same time daily, don’t have cocoa or caffeine. engage in exercise and get sunlight. diet: eat mostly plants and take supplements that are proven to support energy! exercise: even just get your 10,000 steps. stretching when you wake is another…


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